Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chic Revenge.

w magazine.
october 2008.
by: mario sorrenti.

whoa! now what the heck do you think would happen if my girl lady gaga got her hands on this!
lol. this is so much fun just to look at. it's so interesting because the model has such a FIERCE face, but yet everything about the shoot is gum droppy, colorful, and fun. or at least that's how i'm perceiving it. you know, whenever i leave these extra long commentaries on different editorial shoots i find while browsing the internet or magazines from my personal collection, i always hope that my readers are able to learn how to expand their brains and minds to try and find the reasons behind particular photography or pieces of art. i'm a very analytical and philosophical thinker who is also a bit of a conspiracy theorist at times. i always try to look at little things from whatever it is and try to pin-point reasons why.
i've been like that ever since i can remember. my mom and other adults in my life who have been around for the majority of it can safely say that i've always been that kid who asks "why"? constantly. haa.
well...that's just me.
i think that this editorial for w is trying to convey some sort of feeling towards beauty that it can come in a variety of ways....also how people take certain things so seriously and how they end up looking for child-like and a bit bizarre but to certain people, it's the most wonderfully breathtaking thing in the world...
idk, didn't read the article that went along with it so i can't really say for sure. i just came across this set of photographs and began thinking so hard about them that i just HAD to put them on my blog. they are. think for yourself, learn how to reason guys. form an opinion. art comes down to whatever it is that you think it is..