Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Danny Roberts for F21.

the artist danny roberts paired with forever 21 (my favorite store) to create a line of tee-shirts.
i was just there yesterday to go shopping and spent almost two hundred dollars and got hella stuff; because we all know they have really inexpensive clothes.
anyways, i'm so mad i didn't get to check these out. they just launched today on the website so i'll give them a week or two in stores and then they'll all be gone. i think they are really cute and i love danny robert's work. soo here they areeee. go buy one and pick on up for me too haha. =)
oh and don't forget to support roberts by checking out igor+andre (the blog for people who don't know)...
alrighty i'm done talking..for now anway haha.

go check out more at: