Sunday, April 24, 2011

ViKTOR Magazine.

coco rocha.
viktor magazine.
issue 1.

please please please forgive me. this hiatus from blogging has been a little too long and i apologize.
sorry guys. but i'm back in full effect. ;)
i was searching for a cool magazine cover or editorial of some off the chain makeup that had a touch of sparkle and shimmer but kind of smoked out at the same time. well, what do you know? found it! i'm a makeup geek but recently, i haven't really been wearing it too much. some days i actually walk out of the house without absolutely NOTHING on my face, no eyeliner...mascara....nothing.! i know, crazy huh? but i do always keep chapstick on deck haha. anyways, i know there are a TON of makeup gurus all over the internet, but whenever i decide to go all out on my face paint, i'll be sure to show you guys.
sound good? anyways, i promise to post more soon.
toodles fashionistas.