Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eniko Mihalik.

25 magazine.
spring 2010.
photographer: derek kettela.
stylist: paulina aranova.
body art: jenai chin.

so is this was kim kardashian thought that W mag. was going for when she did her cover???? hmmm, that's what it sounds like to me. too bad it had already been done. don't call me a perv or anything, but i was browsing the internet for nude art. and then of course, being me, i started looking at nude fashion some people wonder why it should be considered fashion. now, let me go right out and say, i haven't heard or tried to hear what the "experts" say on this issue, but am simply here to state my opinion and say why it is relevant. fashion is art. let me say it again, fashion is art. it is a wearable form of self expression that can help give each and every person their own personal meaning or boost to continue on during the day. fashion can make you smile or help define your mood. it can define you even, if you choose to let it do so....,or it can be a hodge podge of so many things that you want to state to the rest of the world and to society that you really don't want to ever be defined. whatever the case may be, it's a celebration to who you are. it's personal. clothes are meant to cover the body and be used for warmth. when you put fashion into the equation, it becomes a completely different subject matter. it's paying tribute to the human body. nude photographs are seen all over the place. but in fashion, they are meant to be admirational images of human beings and represented in an artistic way. nude pics are also seen in advertisements as well to help focus the point of selling a particular product. there's a number of reasoning for each individual layout but this is just the gist of what i think people are trying to do with them. they could also be used for a political or social statement...whatever the case may be. i challenge all of you to read between the lines when looking at all of the different fashion pictures that you come across. and don't turn your nose up at the nude ones either. try to find the hidden message...and most of the time, the message isn't hidden, it's right there in front of you.
peace and love.

(p.s.: for more info on these photos, just click on the link at the end of this post.-kay bye).