Monday, April 25, 2011

"Bright & Beastly."

"bright & beastly."
model: sarah gardner.
shot by: bret sano.
hair by: tiffany marie.
makeup: rosie moreno.

this is cool....the whole animal thing is really taking over. i'm down with it though. my mom took me shopping today and all i saw in the stores were one of three things. all of the windows either had stuff with 1. animal print/inspired stuff, 2. nudes/beiges/cremes/whites, or 3. more and more color blocking items. it was nuts. but the animalistic thing is probably the coolest one. i really like how it's being done this season. i mean, all of the roberto cavalli fans out there have every right to say that it's been done before but i think for the first time in awhile, that it's being done in a "chill" way. i dig it. every time i see animal print/animal type inspired stuff now it's not really seen as a "diva" thing but more of a hippy, "i'm down with the earth and nature" type of feel.....if that makes any sense to you at all. haha, i hope you guys get what i'm trying to say. i am currently editing and trying to upload a new youtube video right now soo be sure to check out my channeellll, and SUBSCRIBE to it. =)