Friday, April 15, 2011

Ghost in the Machine.

artist: erikia iris simmons.

this is so sick. i've never seen anyone do this one before. the things people can do with ordinary objects to create art is just mind blowing. it's kind of simple to look at but it looks like it'd take awhile to do.
wonder where she got this concept from....well anyone who has an artistic mind will pretty much experiment with just about anything. i can't wait to start college so that i can interact with people more like myself. it's going to be so much fun to bounce ideas off of each other and work on different works of artistic wonder and genius. i am PUMPED. lol.
sooo uhh yeah, check this out. you got my boy michael jackson, jimmy hendrix, patti smith, kurt cobain, and john lennon. cool huh?
let me know what you think.