Thursday, April 7, 2011


"organice your life."
issue 5.
april 2011.
photographer: alique.

alrighty ladies and gents, i think it's my job to bring your attention to new and exciting things. i have faith that this magazine will blow up and become in higher demand in the near future...well, that's what i hope. now, i'm a slight hippy but not in the truest sense of the word. i want to save the world, the whole going green thing is sweet, but i still like my normal stuff too, ya dig? anyways, they were founded in 08' so i guess it's not exactly "new" but new enough for me. they're whole mission is to bring awareness to people in order for them to live a healthier, therefore more pleasant and happy life. cool right? i know. i'm feelin' this. and the cover is bananas. soooo go check out their website. they've got some neat stuff. it's interesting.
alrighty, hopefully i'll have some outfit posts coming up soon since i'm off work on saturday and can actually go out lol. talk to you guys later.
peace & love.