Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vogue Italia.

"black beauties."
vogue italia.
may 2011.
photographer: ellen von unwerth.
stylist: giulio martinelli.

this is so fun. i really liked the clothes and styling so i had to post this. on top of that, vogue italia wanted to celebrate the beauty of alllllll our gorgeous black chicks out there. i liked this "all black" shoot. it's been popular over....i don't know...i'd say the past two years for magazines to have a shoot with four or more black models. i usually don't run to ever post those because sometimes i honestly do find them to be a bit forced and though these publications are seeking for positive publicity so that they seem diverse. i'd rather see shoots with one single black model, or a mixture of ethnicities as opposed to a shoot with nothing but the top 5 black models that we ALWAYS see out there. they use the same girls...butter them up....and over publicize these shoots to get more attention. i'm not really sure if it is indeed genuine or not. but...whatever, i liked this one. it's very.....ME! as a young black girl, i looked at this and thought it was fun, fresh, it looked like all the models were having a great time, i was feelin' the hair, the makeup, the whole thing. i just wish more of these magazines would become more conscious of this. yes, minority people want to see themselves being represented among the pages of their magazines but they don't necessarily have to go all out and do a random "black tribute" just to make a small demographic of people happy. there needs to be more consistency...that's all i'm sayin'. talk to you guys lateerrr.