Thursday, May 5, 2011

Noot Seer.

june/july 2011.
shot by: jason lee parry.

dudddeeee, this is me in about three or four years....just chill.
i know this was inspired by laid-back cali girls, and even though i see myself drawn to the east coast one hundred times more, i still think this is going to be me. the laid-back, beachy hair, cool, chill thing has been blowing up and hopefully (i'm crossing my fingers) that it doesn't go away anytime soon. i'm obviously in love with it, because it's so part of my style. yeah, i like to dress up and be girly and fun but i'm not personally into wearing feather boas and sequins all the time. i like the muted colors, the natural wavy hair thing, all of's so cool. very artsy, ya know ;)
i also really like this model's name. hopefully she'll get more recognition in the near future. i like her a lot. i also wonder where that name came from....hmmmm "noot seer..." interesting right?
anyways, done rambling on this post. peace out.