Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Material Girl.

material girl.
by: erick and elliot jimenez.

OOooooOOoooOo. i enjoy seeing soft and subtle things with outrageous makeup. looks fantastic. and since she has such a baby face, it makes it so much better. i was originally going to post pictures from the actual shoot instead of just the cover, but i liked the cover a thousand times more. you know, the reason why i haven't been posting multiple times a day anymore is because editorials have been so hard to find these past two months. well...of course some are out there, but not too much stuff has been catching my attention to the point where it truly is "blog worthy" ya know....
anyways, the floral thing is nice. i wasn't too much into it last season...or the summer before that, but now i really like it a lot. everything is so much softer....making it look better in my eyes. anyways, check this cover out. pretty sweet, i must say. toodles fashionistas. =)