Friday, May 6, 2011


may 2011.

since i don't know who the photographer was, i'm going to make SURE i put a link to this photo at the end of this post, simply because i don't want to get into any problems with copyright issues..well, now that i've gotten that out the way, this was an eye-catcher. i like the sweater A LOT. the outfit is  probably them main reason why i really liked this cover. trying to branch out and find your inner sun-shinny self is something that i'm working on translating into my wardrobe. if anyone is around me, one major thing you'll notice off the bat is that i smile constantly....but i wear a lot of black and gray sooo that's pretty gosh darn contradictory if you ask me. so, i promised myself that this summer i would branch out a little bit and start incorporating brighter pieces. sooo i'll still wear my black, but add a touch of sommmeeetthinnngg. ya know? i also really like the skirt and the glasses. this was styled very nicely. kinda boring and blaahhh pose, but that's alright. okie dokie folks, talk to you latterrrr. bye.