Friday, October 7, 2011

Karlie Kloss.

karlie kloss.
by: tom munro.
stylist: charles varenne.

okay okay OKAYYY people, i'm sorry. i knowww i said i wasn't going to keep doing excessive karlie posts, but she's just so gosh darn incredible that i can't help it. aaand while i was searching for other things to post today, this came up. so it's not my fault. i promise i'm not going to turn this into a creepy karlie kloss fan club blog or anything....buuuttt i just like to post what i like and find interesting. and you've got to admit, these photographs plus the clothes equals amazing epic-ness. am i right?? or am i right? so you've got to check it out. here's some of my favorite pictures from the spread.

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