Tuesday, October 18, 2011


myf shepard.
photographer: elias wessel.
vixen magazine.
# 3 2011.

this caught my eye. it reminds me of the color scheme going on in lady gaga's judas music video in a way. and if it reminds to of anything gaga, you KNOW it's got to be amazing. i think myf is so gorgeous and elias really managed to bring out her best features here. i'm enjoying the drama here. and most importantly, the drama within the clothes. the dark colors mixed with the sheer textures and bits of embroidery add to their dramatic affect. loves it! anyways, i totally failed on posting more the other day when i said that i would. things got out of hand, and life happens ya know. but that doesn't mean that i'll ever give up on this silly little blog of mine haha. any-who, enjoy the editorial. have a lovely day and go subscribe to my youtube channel. bye.