Friday, October 21, 2011

Anu Koski.

anu koski.
vogue taiwan.
by: enric galceran.
styled by: dixi romano.

i always like it when i see a spread for a magazine and can picture myself in the clothes being shown. i am in love with the weather right now. of course i'm in stl where the weather is super weird and always changing, but days like today are the best. it's pretty chilly but the sun is out and the sky is such a clear's gorgeous. the wind slightly blowing and the cool colored leaves.. ahhh, loves it. layering is so in right now and i'm a fan of it this season because it doesn't seem to be too overdone. mixing chunky knits over fitted long sleeves, high waisted bell-bottomed pants, and an awesome hat just tops off the perfect look. check out the pics, hope you like them.
oh and be sure to head on over to my youtube channel. i just posted my overview of all the spring/summer 2012 shows from ny, paris, milan, and london.
other than that, i'll catch you guys on the flip side. toodles.