Tuesday, October 18, 2011


spring/summer 2012.
milan fashion week.

hey guys. i know this show took place about a month ago, but with my busy schedule, it's always hardest for me to write fashion show reviews. (and besides, this stuff isn't available til spring anyway). because i want to give my honest opinion and make sure i actually dig deep to look at the show inside and out to properly review in a couple sentences. which is hard to condense, but since people don't want to read a six page review of me ranting, i try my darnedest to keep it short and to the point. so here we go. the gucci show. man-o-man. all i can think about is tailoring, luxury, glamour, money, and honey (hahaha). i loved the show, the models, the whole kit and caboodle. it's a very black collection, but it has so much pops of color and crazy sparkly greatness that it's not dull or boring AT ALL. the models' hair was all slick and sleek. and they had this amazing smoldery pitch black eye makeup that was soooo gnarly. there's a ton of play with geometric shapes and lines on all the clothing. in the beginning you see a mixing of navy and this fabulous turquoise color. there's a ton of pants throughout the whole collection but skirts and cute dresses are in there too. there's a bit of yellow in the middle and then everything else goes to sparkly, shiny, blinding glam. there's an androgynous feel that i get from the show that hasn't really been executed like that in a couple of years. but i really really like that. this show was like, "the new cool." everything about it was phenomenal. looovveeesss iiiiiittttt. i hope you guys do too. so, here's some pics i decided to post to help represent it as well as i could. toodle fashionistas.

images via fashionologie.