Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kiera Knitley.

kiera knitley.
april 2012.

i have always been a ginormous fan of kiera knitley. she always made me feel just as wonderfully gorg as the big busty girls. so thanks knightley for not having any boobs and still being just as beautiful as ever. being a tiny chested girl myself, she always made me feel like i didn't need them. =)
but, who knows...i might eventually undergo a breast augmentation in the future hahaaa. 
but for now, your girl morgs is MORE than comfortable in her own natural skin.
anyways, i just think this cover for interview is some sick shit. i really like it. it stood out to me in the midst of all the hundreds of covers coming out for the april issues of magazines, sooo i thought i'd post it. have fun starring.