Saturday, March 24, 2012


model: zhenya katava.
photographer: matthew priestly.
fashion gone rogue.

hello people of the world!!! i'm officially a teenage workaholic lol. i've worked every single day for the past three weeks. kill me now! lol. and i've managed to blow the majority of my money on new clothes -__- haha. but i really needed some new duds. i've been doing really good this whole school year by wearing every single article of clothing in my closet at least one or two times. everyone of my recent purchases i've thought long and hard about to make sure that they will be worn. sooo i guess it's not so bad that i've blown a bagillion dollars on clothes. haha. 
so anyways, i think i told you guys before that i've been really impressed with fashiongonerogue's latest editorials. this one is super rad. it looks like something that i would hang on my wall. i'm enjoying their stuff. i've got to research it, but i'm thinking that they could have possibly hired some new people on their team or something because their stuff is soo sick nowadays. so here it is, check it out. 
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ok bye.