Friday, March 16, 2012

Vogue Russia.

daphne groeneveld.
"return to edem."
vogue russia.
april 2012.
photographer: hedi slimane.
dude, daphne has been blowing up lately. i've seen this girl all over the freakin' place. but it's great because i love her!!! look at those lips!?!?! holy mother of pearl! lol. this whole blonde hair, deep fierce eyes, with a huge pout thing is really starting get popular, but i must say that i'm a big fan of it. 
for the past seven months or so i've been obsessed with taking pictures. recently, i've been taking more and playing with editing them. this finish used on this particular set of images is something that i've been really digging recently. the whole almmoosst black and white but yet there's still the element of color's pretty cool if you ask me.