Monday, September 12, 2011

Jason Wu.

jason wu.
spring 2012.
new york fashion week.

oh my goossshhhh, JASON WU did his THINGG! i am obsessed with this collection. jason wu always manages to put off pretty legit collections, but this time,....i'd have to say he scored big. this is definitely my favorite collection of his, by far. the colors, the fabrics, the silhouettes, the FREAKIN COOL runway...just the whole thing was pretty sick. there were flower petals placed ever so nicely against the pieces at the beginning of the show. then you move onto this free-flowing nylon fabric which was aammazzzinngg. the collars, the high waisted shorts, the dresses, the cinched waists, the gorgeous dresses at the end. ahhh man jason, i loved every bit of this collection. no doubt, this gets my two thumbs up.!!!
anyways go check out the youtube channel and SUBSCRIBE!
toodle-loo fashionistas.