Wednesday, September 21, 2011


photographer: my sister.

hey guys, i know this look is simple and kind of boring, but i plan on buying a new camera soon and taking outfit pics. sooo here's one for now. it's nothing special, just what i wore to school yesterday. also, if you want to see outfit videos of me explaining what i wore in detail of where stuff's from and pricing, check out my youtube channel. but since i didn't turn this into a video, i guess i'll tell ya what i'm sporting. i'm just wearing this "turban-like" headband that i've been wearing a lot lately,...the shirt, idk where it's from because i stole it from my boyfriend's closet when we got in an argument, the tight black pants are from forever and so are the shoes. taa-daaahhh!! anywaysss, i'll talk to you guys later. byee.