Monday, September 5, 2011


vogue japan.
september 2011.
by: yasunari kikuma.

okay girlies, sorry for not posting in a few days. i've been out of town with the fam. we NEVER get to all get together so even though going down south isn't my favorite place in the world for vacationing, we managed to make it fun, simply because we're all a bunch of goof balls. =D
anyways, onto this post. i was meaning to do it a week ago, but life gets in the way sometimes, right?
soooo i absolutely love this. so this whole shoot is centering around coach bags and the different types of women who wear them. so see guys, this brand is trying to show you that they're accessible to everyone. (i've been paying attention in my advertising classes, can't ya tell). so yeahh, i think it's a cool concept, definitely been done before but these pictures just turned out great. the clothes are awesome and she doesn't look too shabby herself now does she? anyways, gotta start on my homework. talk to you guys later.

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