Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lily Cole.

lily cole.
harper's bazaar turkey.
october 2011.
photographer: koray birand.

she's baacckk! any lily cole fans out there? i know i am. i really do miss seeing this girl in everything. she's got such an amazing look that she was just great in every single thing she did. okay, so i guess harper's bazaar turkey is celebrating their 10th anniversary and they chose this BAMF to be on the cover. i approve. it was a good choice. so usually when a magazine has two different covers for an exclusive issue, i just pick the one that i like better and post it. this time, i cannot decide. sooo, i'm going to post the link to the other one so you guys can see both of them. which one is your favorite??? anyways, i'm gonna go edit some pictures and you might be able to squeeze another post out of me a little bit later so just look out for that. also, check out my youtube channel for outfit posts. i'll talk to you all lataaa.