Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marc Jacobs.

marc jacobs.
spring 2012.
new york fashion week.

alrighty folks, so i'm well aware that NY fashion week is over, but i've just been so gosh darn busy to post anything. i accidentally drove to school an hour early today so i'm sitting in the library waiting for class and realized, OH YEAHH I CAN DO A BLOG POST! so here i go. we all know that i'm a big marc jacobs fan. i love him, his work, i think he's incredible, but this show....hmmmm. i don't know about this one. it's like one minute i'm feeling it and then the next minute i'm not. i think that since this whole negotiation he has with dior going on right now is on his brain, he tried to spin some sort of a galliano element into the show, but it wasn't quite the same. i feel like everything was a little off. it was all over the place. you had undertones of the prada show a fashion week or two ago where you've got all the plastic shiny embellishments, then you're jumping around from 20s, to now, then to infinity and beyond. so, i'm not so sure i'm diggin' this. which is sort of disappointing since i am such a huge fan of his. but, every once in awhile some one's always going to miss and not hit...right? better luck next time markie marc. i will say, however, that i did enjoy the use of color. i think that presented a magical element to the show itself. aaannd if you break apart some of the runway looks, there are a few pieces that i wouldn't mind having for myself. sooo uhhh yeah. i give this show a C+. just mediocre...nothing mind-blowing. which hurts to say, but then again...that's just my opinion.
toodles fashionistas. onto the next post.