Wednesday, September 28, 2011


spring 2012.
new york fashion week.

ok, wherreee do i begin? so the mulleavy sisters did it again. this collection for spring was very nice. it had a very nice whimsical aspect to it that was really cool. i'm sure if i actually got to see the show in person, that it would strike even stronger emotions. but the still images are still pretty sick. it felt as though you were trapped in a windy cornfield dream world at night. crazy...i know, but that's what i got from it. they said that they took inspiration from vincent van gogh and sleeping beauty. soo i guess i wasn't that far off with my own personal interpretation ehh? the color palette consisted of wonderful mustard yellow/green colors, blues, and purples. they created these wonderful prints that were placed ever nicely on the pieces in the beginning and end of the show. there was a lot of movement in all the dresses that gave them a very "liquidy" feel which was sweet. not too many pants in this collection,...i think they only appeared three or four times. but that was cool, because it made the collection flow easier. soo uhh yeah. i liked this show. but then again, who isn't a rodarte fan? am i right?
so yeahh fashion lovers, go over to my youtube channel and check it out if you want to see my outfit posts...or just me vlogging about fashion stuff. i'll talk to you guys later. got to finish my homework.
buh byyeee.

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