Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fei Fei Sun.

fei fei sun.
vogue parish.
october 2011.
by: hans feurer.

have you guys seen this yet? well, if you haven't been prepared to get your mind blown by this incredible jewelry. it's pretty cool, i must say. it didn't strike me immediately that i was showcasing ralph lauren's new jewelry collection because the photography isn't really representative of him. you know what i'm saying? but that still doesn't mean that it doesn't look hella raaddd. if i had money, i'd go buy this stuff. but since i'm a broke college student living in my parent's house...i guess i'll have to keep buying my jewelry from aldo accessories haha. oh and nother thing, this fei fei girl is all over the place. i've seen her in so much stuff lately. i wonder if she's the next thing...hmmmm. oh well, i actually have to start my homework now, it's almost night o'clock. byee fashionistas, forreal this time haha. =D