Thursday, December 2, 2010


jo templin.
spring 2011.
photographer: daniel gurton and lou mcclaren.

okay folks, wow i've really been crankin' out the blog posts today haven't i? haha.
but that's a good thing right.
so anyways, i was doing a little research and just so happened to stop by to check out the latest news in the fashion world as of today..
and i found out that not only does every women need a black dress but apparently also a nice white one too.
i like white...only because it makes me look super innocent lol, and i like the contrast it gives me on my skin.
but then again white looks good on a lot of other people too.
i like the softness that it has.
looks nice, so i just wanted to let you guys know that you need to start looking out for white dresses.
i want my little fashionista blog readers to be ahead of the crowd, so go ahead and cop you one right now.
anyways, i'm supposed to be in math class so i gotta go.
toodles fashion kids.