Friday, December 31, 2010


fiasco magazine.
september 2010.

ok, so don't really know the model or the photographer for this magazine cover, so i'll put a link to this publication at the end of the post so i won't get in trouble for any copy-right stuff.
anyways, for the past hour or so i've been searching the internet for cool ass, or what i find as cool ass magazine covers. i think that me finding a career in advertising would be a good thing because people really do judge a book by its cover. if something doesn't captivate you, intrigue you, or catch your attention from the start, you won't give it the time of day...and that can be said about a variety of things, but for right now, i'm just simply speaking about magazine covers lol,
so anyways, i like this one because he looks pretty dope and he's all kinda inked up.
there's a variety of things that i want written on me sooo here we go, guess i'll tell ya.
if i ever do end up getting them, i'll be sure to do a blog post so you guys will be the first ones to see them haha.
ok, so on my wrist i want the word "time" in all caps with a question mark behind it,
this is because i'm very philosophical and am into that sort of stuff.
im a kanye fan and besides i really like this saying but i want "touch the sky" written in old english on my right wrist. just because i feel like in life everyone should reach,..ya know.
then i want "on the pursuit of happiness..."s written in cursive on the upper inside of my right arm..
i want "carpe diem" on my back.
and then "this too shall pass" on my rib cage..
there's more but those are the major ones lol.
so back to the magazine cover haha, ummm i like it because he's inked up
tattoos are a very cool form of expression and a permanent one, sooo i appreciate ones that have meaning,.
and besides i think they look cool ;)