Monday, November 29, 2010

Francoise Nielly.

whoa did i find some cool art for you guys!
okay, so i'm taking this painting class for school..
at first i didn't really like it all that much because i quickly realized that i am a waaayyy better drawer than i am a painter. but, i tried to stick it out and ya know what, i've gotten a whole hell of a lot better. let me tell ya lol. so anyways, i've been looking around for some cool, graphic, off the chain, colorful, eclectic, different, fun art and luckily i found it. so i've heard of francoise before but just never went into looking her up.
but, when i finally got around to it i was PLEASANTLY surprised. she's genius.
everything she paints is so bright and colorful. all of the portraits she does of people captivate their every emotion and inner spirit. i soon fell in love with nielly as soon as i saw this first painting that i put up.
i really want to try and do something in her style of painting. i love how the different colors overlap to contour and shape the face. everything is just so intense.
i want to go back to france just to try and find her lol.
i hope you enjoy her work as much as i do. she's really done a ton of neat stuff.
so, please go check her out.
alrighty folks, i'm out of here.
til' next time.