Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crystal Renn.

harper's bazaar.
december 2010.
paola kudacki.
styled by: natasha royt.

okay, so i'm not sure if you guys are familiar with crystal or not, but if you're not let me just go ahead and give you the heads up on this chick. i wonder what you guys think of this and i'm not too sure on what my current stance is but i'm sure as soon as i'm done typing this i'll think of a strong opinion lol.
but anyways, she used to be a plus sized model and now she's all super skinny.
a lot of people hate the transformations that take place within the plus sized side of modeling because those girls always appear to be SUPER confident and talk about how strong and secure they are with their bodies and end up dropping 50+ lbs. and start posing in clothes that only fit a size one or two girl.
are they really secure? or is there too much pressure to be thin?
i think that they probably do have some insecurities but at the same time must appear to be super confident in their size as a plus sized model just to set an example to others that there is beauty found within every shape and size that women come in and that "thin" isn't always "in." buuuuttt, at the same time there is a ton of pressure to be your best physical self and skin n' bones is typically seen as the most appealing.
so if you want to work and get a job,...maybe thinner is better? idk, you guys tell me.
i'm not saying either one is good, but i always find it odd how really successful plus sized models become SOOOOO super skinny.
what do you think?
(oh but i dig the shoot though lol)