Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sparkle & Shine.

vogue china.
december 2010.
photographer: michaelangelo de battista.
model: du juan.

YAYYY, another du juan editorial. i've been searching for new pictures of her recently and i'm so glad that i came upon these ones. so, here she is in yet another vogue beauty shoot. the makeup here is pretty killer. you know...maybe i should start doing blog posts on new and cool makeup stuff that i see since i'm so in love with cosmetics anyway...but at the same time all anyone has to do is log into their youtube account and find gurus with vids of that kind of stuff on there...sooo nevermind.
idk, maybe i will...maybe i won't. who knows.
anyways, i've got to head off to class.
toodles fashionistas.