Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Olivia Palermo.

OLIVIIIAAAA!!!! omfg you guys, you honestly have no idea how much i love this girl right here.
everything about her just fascinates me.
i love her attitude, her style, the way she talks, ...just absolutely everything.
i feel like such a creep but i really want to be her best friend.
she was probably one of the most hated characters on mtv's hit show the city but i could care less.
idk why i'm always infatuated with the villain on different tv series.
....idk, maybe that could say something about me and my own personality...anywhoo..
her style! it's soo amazing. i'm pretty sure i've never seen her wear anything that i don't like. she has such a classic style but she always looks so regal and polished. just fabulous!
anyways, found these pics, check em' out.