Friday, November 19, 2010

Lanvin + H&M.

horray for this wonderful collabo!
i'm so excited. dear american public, you can now purchase designer lanvin clothing, made by yours truly alber elbaz. this is just too remarkable. ya know, i never really thought that lanvin would have clothes at h&m but i'm happy ae decided to collaborate with them. the show for the new line JUST happened not too long ago, so i'm sure my little fashionistas are dying to hear about the collection.
well, the show was packed and had a lot of cool fashion people in attendance. supposedly by boy, bryanboy LOVED IT! which means it must be on point.
so anyway, i think alber did a great job in making the line look like stuff that typical h&m shoppers would buy but it still has that designer feel to it. it's a fun line, very out there, crazy, cool, but it also has senses of sophistication which i enjoy. i cannot wait until i see this stuff in stores!!! yayyyy, LANIVN LANVIN LANVIN!!
do you think i'm pumped or what? haha.
ok, here's a few photographs from the runway.
hope ya like.


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