Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elle Macpherson.

love magazine.
by: sharif mamza.

you guyyssss!!!! isn't this just too much fun. i think my heart started smiling when i came across this lovely shoot for love magazine. i'm always mesmerized by things that capture the whole idea of youth and fun all in one. the carefree spirits of teens and young people is something that we can all only just sit back and be in awe over. how could you not just seem to find complete joy when you see things that make you reminisce on the good ol' days.
i'm going through what i like to call, my "michael jackson i don't want to grow up phase." i'm a senior in high school now and am facing many difficulties on what exactly i'm going to do with my future. it's really hard for me because i come from a household where careers in any creative field are sort of looked down upon,...i mean they're turning around because they can now see my great passion but are still very skeptical. just as long as i keep on hustling for what i want i'm sure that i'll have their support. anyways..i just kind of feel like a grown up now-a-days...even though i'm still under my parent's roof its not the same as it used to be.
i have to pay for everything now, i go to school, then come home for a second, head of to work, take care of more things, i'm involved in so many activities and its kind of hard to be a kid...i don't even have time to sleep anymore.
so that's why when i look at things like this they make me smile.
hope i didn't bore you too much with this long narrative lol, here goes the pictures haha.