Monday, August 16, 2010


alrighty folks, so i'm comin' at ya with another real art post.
soooo if you don't know, now you're gona know about this amazing guy by the name of

okay, so jay-jay (as i wish to call him) was born in london and him and his folks moved to the US in the mid-eighties...landed over in florida actually.
and umm..he later moved to the east coast and went to art school, got his masters and started off in printmaking.
theennn, he started creating lovely drawings, paintings, and other wonderful works of art that ended up getting him a whole lot of attention. his work has been featured in many shows in the united states and throughout the world. now this guy has some pretty cool stuff, let me tell ya.

here's a little excerpt from his "artist statement"

--"In my work, whether printmaking, drawing, or painting, my focus remains fixed on the exploration of space and form, while seeking the undercurrent of natures more elusive qualities. My purposeful use of exaggerated movement, dense values, fabric patterns, and material manipulation attempts to echo and harness nature’s powerful energies. Undulation, the movement of creation, creates flowing and dynamic compositions that thrust and swirl, capturing the viewer in the saturated confines of presented surface."

here's some of his stuff from this collection he did not too long ago entitled the ornamental self, which i really like by the way.
hope you enjoy these colored pencil drawings just as much as i do.
take care guys. ;)

go check out his website: