Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coco Rocha.

"morning beauty"
photographed by: craig mcdean.

wow, all this transparent stuff and plastic...okay fashion people, do you actually dig this stuff??
email me and let me know. it's like that one zac posen show all over again. this shoot is actually a bit of a throw back to be honest. it was originally seen in W magazine in i believe october of 2006.
but who gives a shit. i certainly don't. still thought it was cool and you guys should see it.
alrighty so hopefully you guys are aware that i looovvvee my little canadian coco, she's so amazing.
i usually only post a small part of a photoshoot on my blog or just pick my favourite pictures but today i decided i'd go ahead and put up all of them. hope you guys think they're as sweet as i do.