Sunday, August 22, 2010

NY Times Style Magazine.

"going places"
fall 2010.
model: sara blomqvist.
photographer: mark segal.
stylist: david vandewal.

ahhhh is it love that i see? i think so. traveling is something that i've always enjoyed and my trip to europe in june was definitely the best one i've ever had thus far. i think that everyone should take time out to go and explore the rest of the world that they're living in. that's probably why i don't plan on having children too early because i was to go out in the world and look at as much of it as i can. living life to the fullest is a new thing on my checklist of things that i would like to accomplish, and i'm pretty sure i can start making that happen at this very moment. it's wonderful to see new things and experience different cultures. every place is so different, no amount of pictures, magazine articles, videos, or other people's opinions can compare to the real thing. but i love this editorial for the ny times style mag because of the clothes. it might be a little over the top for some but i really like what it represents...aaand it also reminds me of vivienne westwood so that's a plus lol. ;)