Friday, August 6, 2010

Kinder Agguini.

fall 2010.
ready to wear.

okay, so i've never heard of this guy before. but since i was bored and started looking around on like i usually do when i'm bored, i came across this guy. i was looking around on the designers page and thought..."hmmm this guy has an interesting name, so i guess i'll click on it." lol.
so i did and was amazed. i didn't read any of the reviews from the three shows that are posted on the site at first...i just skimmed through the pictures from all of the shows and immediately thought about galliano and my chick vivienne westwood, and guess what?!? he worked for both of them, which really comes to no surprise when you look at all of his work. i like it. he's pretty cool i must say.
so i encourage everybody to go out and look this guy up too like i did. i love finding out about new designers, it makes me happy ;)
anyways, i should be sleeping or something since it is about 4 o'clock AM where i am lol.
soo toodles guys.