Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FHM Germany.

april 2010.
YAYYYY, GAGAAA! you guys have no idea how big of a gaga fan i am. i didn't always love her though. i remember hearing "just dance" a looonnng time before it ever hit the pop charts simply because i've always enjoyed listening to indie/unknown artists because i feel that they stay closer to their true selves when they aren't pressured by record labels to become this "fake" ideal image person.....anyyywaaayyys i thought gaga was fake, wierd, strange, blah blah but i always liked her music. then...i wanna say it was about three or four months ago i really looked into her. i started reading her bio and just drowning myself in all the her media coverage., all the interviews, videos, pictures...the whole nine yards and now i must say that i LOVE her lol. she's amazing. shes so real, different...and what i like most about her is that shes obsessed with her craft and her "art" as she calls it. we dont really know a lot about gaga that involves her personal life and i really kinda sorta like that....anyways ill stop rambling.