Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vogue UK.

guinevere van seenus.
vogue uk.
june 2011.
photographer: paolo roversi.
stylist: lucinda chambers.

soooo, i'll put the link at the end of this so you can check out the entire editorial for yourself, but ummm....i really only like this one photograph in particular. the rest of them were "aaalllrriiigghhttt" but i truly wasn't feelin' em too much. but this one is BOMB. kinda looks like an old painting. like something that you'd want to hang up on a wall. in my opinion, it is a stand alone in comparison to all the others in this editorial. doesn't really fit. but i guess that's a good thing or else it would have never stuck out enough to me to want to do a blog post about it. =) i think i might check out some cool pieces to put in my hair....welll.....that might be too much but i'll definitely use this as inspiration. lol, anywayyyssss, check it out.

Neo Geisha Guinevere Van Seenus by Paolo Roversi for UK Vogue June 2011 9

Free People.

free people.
may 2011.

hello fashionistas! i always love free people lookbooks. they always grab my attention.
they picked a good model this time, she's got awesome hair, aaannnd not to mention, the clothes are amazing. i'm feeling the color palette. the floral thing is nicely done, it's not too much. everything is just great. i am definitely going to their website as soon as i'm done with this post. i need to do some major shopping with all of this graduation money  i got! i'm so happy guys, i'm finally out of high school!!! it's so exciting. my life actually begins now....crazy huh? oh well, look out world, MORGAN G. IS COMING FOR YA.
later guys and gals.

Free People May '11 Look Book
Free People May '11 Look Book
Free People May '11 Look Book
Free People May '11 Look Book
Free People May '11 Look Book
via fashionising.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Richard Burbridge.

sooo i was looking around on and this most definitely caught me by surprise. some people might not be down with it, but i am! it's so sick. it's like embroidery and sewing on top on the huh? it's pretty gosh darn creative if you ask me. it looks so demented and weird but amazing at the same time. sweeettt. i'm down. i wana go ahead and check out some more of richard's stuff, so i'll let you guys go. look out for more new posts. sorry about the hiatus. toodles fashionistas.

Linda Votjova.

elle italia.
by: mark pillai.
may 2011.

wowww! this is soooo much fun. just sit there and stare at these pics. hopefully they'll put a smile on your face. =D

Dazed & Confused.

hyoni kang.
by: ji yang kim.
may 2011.

ALRIGHT! blogger is back in full effect. thank god! i wanted to post so much stuff but blogger was down....sorry guyyysssss. anyways, i had to show you guys this.'s been out on internet land for a couple days now so sorry if you've seen it already, but i couldn't pass this cover up. it's awesome. the hair, her look, the yellow font also looks great. sooo....uhhh yeah, hope ya like it. byyeeeeee.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Material Girl.

material girl.
by: erick and elliot jimenez.

OOooooOOoooOo. i enjoy seeing soft and subtle things with outrageous makeup. looks fantastic. and since she has such a baby face, it makes it so much better. i was originally going to post pictures from the actual shoot instead of just the cover, but i liked the cover a thousand times more. you know, the reason why i haven't been posting multiple times a day anymore is because editorials have been so hard to find these past two months. well...of course some are out there, but not too much stuff has been catching my attention to the point where it truly is "blog worthy" ya know....
anyways, the floral thing is nice. i wasn't too much into it last season...or the summer before that, but now i really like it a lot. everything is so much softer....making it look better in my eyes. anyways, check this cover out. pretty sweet, i must say. toodles fashionistas. =)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Isabeli Fontana.

vogue paris.
april 2011.
photographer: david sims.
stylist: emmanuelle alt.

whoa, can you say gorgeous or what! alright vogue paris, you did a magnificent job with this one. i like. it's awesome because even though she was supposed to look all tough, and rough, and manly, and dirty,....she still managed to look beautiful. now THAT'S what i call a model. i'm impressed. i like the styling as well. this whole perspective on the western thing is so true to its origin. i bet the makeup and hair people had a lot of fun with this one. i'm going to just go ahead and stop talking about it now, because we all know that i can ramble on forever and a day. haha. oh, but before i go, i wanted to let all of you know that i just uploaded a new youtube video, so go ahead and check that out. and while you're there, be sure to subscribe to my channel. thanks so much. i'll catch ya on the flip side fashionistas.

Friday, May 6, 2011


may 2011.

since i don't know who the photographer was, i'm going to make SURE i put a link to this photo at the end of this post, simply because i don't want to get into any problems with copyright issues..well, now that i've gotten that out the way, this was an eye-catcher. i like the sweater A LOT. the outfit is  probably them main reason why i really liked this cover. trying to branch out and find your inner sun-shinny self is something that i'm working on translating into my wardrobe. if anyone is around me, one major thing you'll notice off the bat is that i smile constantly....but i wear a lot of black and gray sooo that's pretty gosh darn contradictory if you ask me. so, i promised myself that this summer i would branch out a little bit and start incorporating brighter pieces. sooo i'll still wear my black, but add a touch of sommmeeetthinnngg. ya know? i also really like the skirt and the glasses. this was styled very nicely. kinda boring and blaahhh pose, but that's alright. okie dokie folks, talk to you latterrrr. bye.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Noot Seer.

june/july 2011.
shot by: jason lee parry.

dudddeeee, this is me in about three or four years....just chill.
i know this was inspired by laid-back cali girls, and even though i see myself drawn to the east coast one hundred times more, i still think this is going to be me. the laid-back, beachy hair, cool, chill thing has been blowing up and hopefully (i'm crossing my fingers) that it doesn't go away anytime soon. i'm obviously in love with it, because it's so part of my style. yeah, i like to dress up and be girly and fun but i'm not personally into wearing feather boas and sequins all the time. i like the muted colors, the natural wavy hair thing, all of's so cool. very artsy, ya know ;)
i also really like this model's name. hopefully she'll get more recognition in the near future. i like her a lot. i also wonder where that name came from....hmmmm "noot seer..." interesting right?
anyways, done rambling on this post. peace out.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vogue Italia.

"black beauties."
vogue italia.
may 2011.
photographer: ellen von unwerth.
stylist: giulio martinelli.

this is so fun. i really liked the clothes and styling so i had to post this. on top of that, vogue italia wanted to celebrate the beauty of alllllll our gorgeous black chicks out there. i liked this "all black" shoot. it's been popular over....i don't know...i'd say the past two years for magazines to have a shoot with four or more black models. i usually don't run to ever post those because sometimes i honestly do find them to be a bit forced and though these publications are seeking for positive publicity so that they seem diverse. i'd rather see shoots with one single black model, or a mixture of ethnicities as opposed to a shoot with nothing but the top 5 black models that we ALWAYS see out there. they use the same girls...butter them up....and over publicize these shoots to get more attention. i'm not really sure if it is indeed genuine or not. but...whatever, i liked this one. it's very.....ME! as a young black girl, i looked at this and thought it was fun, fresh, it looked like all the models were having a great time, i was feelin' the hair, the makeup, the whole thing. i just wish more of these magazines would become more conscious of this. yes, minority people want to see themselves being represented among the pages of their magazines but they don't necessarily have to go all out and do a random "black tribute" just to make a small demographic of people happy. there needs to be more consistency...that's all i'm sayin'. talk to you guys lateerrr.