Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Down Town Girl.

"down town girl."
sasha pivovarova.
 by: inez vinoodh.
vogue paris.
june/july 2011.

isn't this awesome?!? blogger has been being a BITCH to me lately and not letting me upload photos =(
so sorry guys, that karlie kloss one i actually wrote up about 5 days ago and i am JUST now getting to allow it to post.anywaysss, i fell in love with this instantly. it's kind of ironic because i'm in the process of trying to figure out my money situation so that i can budget accordingly for the next year so that i can finally make my move to the big apple! i am soo stoked. i can't wait to be able to run into people who are actually just as into the stuff as me, and even more. the world is such a crazy/vast place and i cannot wait to explore it. this editorial soooo wraps up everything that i hope for my experience to be. i can't wait! eekk.
anyways, now that i've got this shit working again, hopefully i can start posting regularly. again, sorry for the delay. toodle-loo fashionistas.