Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Karlie Kloss.

fall 2011 lookbook.

KARLIE KARLIE KARLIE!!! sooo, i don't know if i mentioned it to any of you but my best friend tye aka brenda ACTUALLY MET KARLIE KLOSS!!!! i seriously almost started crying when she told me. i'm really jealous. and it sucks since i can't add her on facebook because she has too many friends. but i'm still on a mission, i've got to meet this chick. i'm not obsessed in that crazy stalker sort of way, i just really admire her work. she's seriously one of the best out right now! aaanndd she sometimes flocks with people who are not far from my reach....goddd i hate that this is so hard. oh well, i'm not giving up anytime soon. anywayyssss, i was so glad to see this because i've become a bit of an h&m whore over the past few months. i've always worn their clothes but for some reason everything that i've reached for in my closet recently has all been from this incredible swedish company. sooo when i saw karlie in an ad for things that i can actually afford, i automatically got super pumped. lol. we all know that fall is my favorite time of year as far as fashion goes and i cannot wait until this hot weather is over and i can start layering again. soooo, what i'm getting from this is that headgear is in, layering, incorporating bits of color, and wide legged pants or flared bottoms. so as you're going through this lookbook, take notes fashionistas on the stuff that's going to be in style so you're one step ahead of all your friends when the time comes. anyways, i'm going to sit in my room for the rest of the night and watch movies. talk to you guys laterrr.