Thursday, June 2, 2011

Street Style.

hello world. so these past couple days i've done nothing but mope around, be nostalgic, reminisce, and dream of the future. ya know, if i don't become a designer, there's so many other things in fashion that i could do that i feel would truly make me happy....the future is one big mystery but i decided that i'm just going to let things happen. and if everything doesn't turn out exactly how i plan..i'm not going to be bitter about it. life goes on, and as long as i find a place within this amazing and wonderfully eclectic industry, i will find true happiness.
i wanted to talk about a few trends that i'm really loving right now. there's this whole color epidemic going on. and that's pretty cool...and also kind of expected because of the season change, but that's alright. i'm trying to live a happier life now and color is just fantastic. =) pleating is something that i used to be in love with and still am. i remember about two years ago i used to always sketch dresses with long thin pleats in hopes that it would become the next big thing and sure enough, it's a major trend going on right now. accessories are something that i used to be obsessed with and then i slowly fell out of incorporating them into my wardrobe, but now i'm definitely getting back into them. powerful necklaces are a huge thing going on right now and i think i'm going to start rocking more of them.
so yeah, that's my two cents. i'll get back to you guys later. if you have any question,..well, you know where to find me. my email is posted on here. talk to you later.

elisa nalin green skirt
pink pleated dress
statement exotic necklace