Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs.

marc by marc jacobs.
resort 2012.
new york.
via: style.com

okay fashionistas, we like this one. we sooo like this one. ya know, there's this fashion tag thing going around on youtube called "the fashion tag" haha, and so many people list marc jacobs as one of their favorite designers. rightly so. he's become so huge, so big, so iconic that everybody who has even the slightest interest in the fashion world at least knows his name. this collection wasn't as quirky as his others for his marc by marc jacobs line but it was still fun and fresh.  it's very youthful, has a nice take on color, texture, and patterns. i also really enjoyed how he picked chloe memisevic to model everything. it was a nice feel, she's tall slender, light hair, the glasses, mixed with the urban chic vibe,..... suhh-weeet.!! good job jacobs team, you win yet again. so check out my favorite looks. i hope you enjoy and go ahead and swing on by my youtube channel if you get a chance. i'm actually in the process of uploading a new video right now on my industrial/scaffold ear piercing, so check that shit out. anyways, besides that, i've got more stuff coming your way so stay tuned.