Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ellie Saab.

ellie saab.
fall 2011.

oh wowwww! did you guys see this!!!! now ellie saab is known for making incredible, romantic, beautifully light, flowy, detailed, magnificent pieces of clothing that are jaw dropping to look at as they go down the runway...but this collection has got to be one of the absolute best ones that he's done in awhile. this whole couture season for fall of this year has definitely been pretty impressive, but this ellie saab show was bananas. sooo amazing. it honestly was truly breathtaking. every single gown was gorrggeeeouusss! if you haven't seen this still shots, it's a must that you go check them out. everything is really light and graceful,...kind of reminds me of ice in a way too because of the dope ass embroidery. ahhh, soo sick. the draping and fabric choices were one point! great job team. you get my thumbs up ferrr surre. ;)
it was sooo hard for me to choose my favorite looks but i tried. so check em' out.