Saturday, July 23, 2011


flair magazine.
august 2011.
by: emilio tini.

ladies! i've got more fashion trend news for you. i've got to go purchase a few more myself because they seem to be blowing up this season, so get ready. HATS! awww man, if you guys have been following me for awhile now, i'm sure you're well aware of my fascination with headwear. i love headbands, hair accessories, hats, beanies...i love it all. i also thought this spread captivated this season and this specific trend in a pretty cool way. the actual clothing is pretty much on point as well too. so yep, i'm excited about this. i told myself that when school starts i cannot go on anymore crazy shopping sprees..except like after christmas and my birthday. thrifting does not count. but yeah, so i guess i need to get on this. i have exactly a month. =/ eeeek, oh well. it'll be fun to go broke for these next couple of weeks. but hey, i'll look great. toodles fashionista friends.