Sunday, July 31, 2011

Francoise Nielly.

francoise nielly.

hey ladies and gents. soooo i haven't found any cool ass art in a minute...soo i decided to go back to someone that i posed on wayyy back in november. some of you might remember, others may not. but francoise nielly is amazing. color color color color color! whoa, these paintings are out of this world with COLOR! but that's not even all i see when i look at francoise's work. i see amazing abstraction mixed with definition, soul, and a vibrancy that is almost impossible to explain. i see life and the spirit of humanity. when i get my own place, i want home dog's painting alllll over my apartment. they are officially THAT COOL! so take a look for yourself at some of her newer work.
tah tah for now fashionistas.