Thursday, July 21, 2011


july 2011.
model: bella barber.
shot by: troyt coburn.

"the future is now." .....hmmmm i like that. because i know that it is. i think it's so crazy that i was able to get the chance to grow up during this massive technological era that many of my peers blow off because they're simply use to constant advances in technology. but i think it's the most rad thing ever. just look at the internet and how it is now used for media, entertainment purposes, banking, television watching, shopping, and communication. it's nuts. look at cell phones and the advances that they've made...everyone has one. or digital music players, ipods and mp3s. you can carry around a music library of over 50,000 of your favorite tunes in your back pocket! and as far as fashion goes, it has become this huge phenomenon recently. everyone seems to have developed a sudden interest and it has changed this industry DRASTICALLY. it's all so cool to think about. i wonder what you guys think...=)
anyways, go check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it. i'll talk to you all laterrrr.