Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miu Miu Eyewear.

miu miu.
fall/winter 2011.
eyewear campaign.
model: hailee steinfeld.
photographer: bruce weber.

ok, now normally i don't think that a campaign like this would really stand out and catch someone's eye, but for some reason this one did. and i'll tell you why it did that for me. basically i see a ton of girls like this now-a-days. you know, this whole 60s/70s vibe, long hair don't care, bell bottom, shirt colar, simple makeup wearing thing is all over the place, but i'm down. i can see a bunch of chicks gravitating towards this campaign because this totally fits the mold of this model. this "style" is really popular right now, so i'm sure the miu miu marketing team was thinking super hard about this when they shot this campaign. so, i think these glasses are going to sell sell sell. they're cute, nicely designed, but easy enough to wear with a variety of things. they're not so outrageous. i might even want to save up to cop a pair for myself actually lol. anyways, i'm gonna go. i have a big checklist of things that i need to get done today. i plan on making another post but who knows how that's going to turn out. check out my youtube because i think a new video is coming on there sometime in this 24 hours as uhh yeah, talk to you later fashionista friends.