Wednesday, July 13, 2011


mona johannesson.
stockholm s/s/a/w.
by: andreas ohlund.

hellloooo people of the world. miss me?!!? well, your girl is back in full effect. I GOT MY COMPUTER FIXXXEDDDD. so now, two hundred dollars later, i can start getting back to what i love doing....BLOGGGINNNGG! it's just a great outlet for me. even though i'm not huge like bryanboy or whoever,...i've had a decent following and love helping my fellow fashion nerds out. sooo uhhh yeah. i also enjoy looking back on past entries for inspiration and also to laugh at myself because i find it quite comical how i've phrased things..haha. any-who, aren't these pickies cuttteee! ahhh, young love. nothing gets better than that, i'll tell ya. i just wanted to post this because i thought it was cute and since i'm practically married now, i find this to actually hit home a little. too bad i can't take adorable pictures like this everyday =( this long distance thing SUCKS ASS you guys. don't do it unless your committed, i'll tell you that much. but then again, distance makes the heart grow fonder right?? butttttt anywayyy onto the fashion side of this. sweaters sweaters sweaters! i really want one like the one she's wearing in her solo pic. but all the really nice ones that i've had my eye on are a hundred bucks or well over that. so that kinda sucks, but i'll probably just go ahead and splurge on one anyway. haha.