Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Karlie Kloss.

vogue us.
august 2010.
by: craig mcdean.

ahhhh karlie karlie karlie. i don't think that i have done a blog post about her ever since my best friend tyeler saw her at a party a couple months ago. anyways, she's been all over the place lately but i have yet to post any of her new work. sooo here we go. i love this. everyone is flipping out because she's become such a chameleon but actually, i remember her posing like this with a similar look for i believe it was vogue china about a year or two yeah. this just proves that i am a huge fan haha. soo i really like this little pixie thing she has going on, it works phenomenally with her face. i really liked this shoot as well for the clothes. i think the stylists and editors did a good job in choosing warm fall colors that embody a large portion of a lot of the trends that will be coming up. soooo that's pretty exciting i guess. i cannot WAIT to go to school! eeek, i wish it would just hurry up and start already, but i still have month and two days to be exact. i need to get a few more pieces for my wardrobe and i'll be set. yayyy, no more catholic school girl uniform everyday. i can officially wear whatever i want. so stocked.